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By Using Leds For Their Fancy Christmas Lighting, Toronto Homeowners Get The Best Of All Possible Worlds!

By Using Leds For Their Fancy Christmas Lighting, Toronto Homeowners Get The Best Of All Possible Worlds!

Christmas is a glorious time of year: smiles seem to come a bit easier, despite the onsetting chill of winter; Christmas baking appears in more places; families come together to celebrate; and, of course, the world suddenly become a lot more colourful and interesting thanks to everyone’s fancy Christmas lighting. Toronto, and cities like it all across the country, is ablaze for the weeks and (thanks to some particularly keen Christmas enthusiast) months leading up to the Christmas holidays, and the world just seems a little more joyous. However, there are some downsides to the process of installing Christmas lights on your home, and again with removing those festive lighting displays you spent so long working on. Climbing up on ladders or scaffolding can be risky, especially if snow or ice is involved (and it’s Canada in the late fall or early winter – snow and ice will be involved), and then there’s just the time it takes to dig out your strings of Christmas lights from the attic or basement, get them untangled and tested to make sure they work, and then actually get them put up. At the end of the season (or often, if we’re being honest, several weeks after the end of the season), it’s the same story in reverse: a risky few hours spent perched precariously on top of a ladder, pulling down all those colourful holiday lights that brought so much joy over the season, packing them away carefully and getting everything back to the way it was. What if there was an easier way to get all the festive payoff without so much of that hassle and risk?

LEDs To The Rescue!

Good news! LED technology has reached a point where a commercially available option for homeowners who want a true win-win for the Christmas light decorating season is here! Picture this: it’s mid-November, and the neighbours are starting to spend the usual few hours on the weekends getting all of their Christmas lights from storage, climbing their ladders, and struggling with flimsy hardware to affix Christmas light strings to the eves of their homes. You watch them for a little while, maybe sipping a cup of coffee or tea, and then casually reach for your phone, turn on an app, press a couple of buttons and suddenly the roof of your house is as festive as its ever been. You didn’t even need to step outside. How? Permanent LED roof lighting, that’s how.

Once And For All

By getting a professionally installed LED roof lighting system added to your home, you solve all your Christmas lighting problems at once. Virtually invisible when not activated, these fully programmable LEDs can created exactly the kind of Christmas mood you want, all with the push of a few buttons. You can even change the colour or pattern of the lights at will! No fuss, no muss! In the off-season, either just let them sit, inconspicuous and unseen, until next Christmas when they’ll make your life so much easier again, or use them to light up certain portions of your home for security or decorative purposes – the choice is yours. And unless you have something else you need it for, you can get rid of that ladder, too! For truly time-saving, beautifully fancy Christmas lighting, Toronto homeowners can do no better then a year-round LED lighting system. It’s the way Christmas lights should always be: easy and care-free, so you can focus on the important things during the holiday season.